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International Journal of Agriculture and Biology
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Volume 26 Issue 04, 2021

Full Length Article

Pages: 461-468

Estimation of Diameters by Stump Measurements for Natural and Artificial Small-Leaved Linden (Tilia cordata)

Aydar Gabdelkhakov, Liubov Blonskaya, Ildar Sabirzyanov, Regina Baiturina and Ilnur Mullagaleev

Full Length Article

Pages: 469-478

Zinc and Silicon Nanomolecules Application Enhances Tolerance to PEG-Induced Drought Stress in Strawberry Cultured In Vitro

Isam M Abu Zeid, Fouad H Mohamed and Ehab MR Metwali

Full Length Article

Pages: 479-489

Herbicide Options for Effective and Economical Weed Management for Sustainable Wheat Production

Tahir Hussain Awan, Shawaiz Iqbal, Muhammad Usman Saleem, Shahbaz Hussain, Usama Bin Khalid and Sharif Ahmed

Research Paper

Pages: 490-498

Gene Expression of Pathogenesis-Related Proteins and Isozymes in Potato Varieties Resistant and Susceptible to Late Blight Disease

Heba A. Mahfouze, Huda Z. Ahmed and O.E. El-Sayed

Full Length Article

Pages: 499-508

Antibacterial Mode of Action of Grapefruit Seed Extract against Local Isolates of Beta-Lactamases-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae and its Potential Application

Soma Barawi, Haider Hamzah, Rawezh Hamasalih, Aram Mohammed, Barham Abdalrahman and Salar Abdalaziz

Full Length Article

Pages: 509-516

Variations in Leaf Stomatal and Vein Traits of Oxyria sinensis along an Elevational Gradient in the Hengduan Mountains, China

Zhenya Liu, Derong Xiao, Huijun Guo and Mei Sun

Research Paper

Pages: 517-526

Biocontrol of Bacteria Associated with Pine Wilt Nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus by using Plant mediated Gold Nanoparticles

Joan Shine Davids, Michael Ackah, Emmanuel Okoampah, Sandra Senyo Fometu, Wu Guohua and Zhang Jianping

Research Paper

Pages: 527-535

The Nutritive Value and Biological Activity of Artichoke Wastes as Food Supplements or Adjunctive Agents for Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

Hanan H Abdel-Khalek1 and Badiea M Younies

Research Paper

Pages: 536-545

Heterologous Expression of Soybean GmC2H24-Like Gene Confers Cold Tolerance in Transgenic Arabidopsis

Yang Xu, Fan Yan, Yajing Liu, Ying Wang, Qingyu Wang and Jingwen Li

Research Paper

Pages: 546-554

Analysis of Superoxide Dismutase (OsSOD) Gene Expression using qRT-PCR, its Morphophysiological Characters and Path Analysis in Rice Variety IR64 Under Aluminum Stress

Miftahul Huda Fendiyanto, Rizky Dwi Satrio, Mentari Putri Pratami, Isna Arofatun Nikmah, Nastiti Intan Permata Sari, I Dewa Ketut Kerta Widana and Didi Darmadi

Research Paper

Pages: 555-560

Novel Polymorphisms in Complete Coding Region of Heat Shock Protein 70.1 Gene in Subtropically Adapted Red Sindhi Cattle Breed

Asma Saeed, Abdul Wajid, Kamran Abbas, Gohar Ayub, Ayesha Mohiud Din, Quratul Ain, Sana Zahoor, Akhtar Ali, Masroor Ellahi Babar and Tanveer Hussain