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Comparative Differences in Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism of Young and Old Leaves from Wild and Cultivated Soybean Under Low Nitrogen Conditions

Yunan Hu, Xueying Liu, Shujuan Gao, Jixun Guo, Yongjun Hu, Lianxuan Shi and Mingxia Li


Keywords: Low nitrogen; Carbon and nitrogen metabolism; Young leaves; Old leaves; Cultivated soybean; Wild soybean

Edition: Volume 27 Issue 05, 2022

Pages: 321-331

1  Institute of Grassland Science, Northeast Normal University, Key Laboratory of Vegetation Ecology, Ministry of Education, Changchun, 130024, P.R. China
2  School of Life Sciences, Chang Chun Normal University, Changchun 130024, China
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 Received 08 December 2021; Accepted 05 May 2022; Published 26 May 2022
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