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Journal of Agriculture and Food

International Journal of Agriculture and Biology
Open Access

Online : 1814-9596

Print :    1560-8530

Volume 30 Issue 04, 2023

Research Paper

Pages: 231-241

Pedagogy for Transformative Learning – Case of Sustainable Agriculture and Environment

Muhammad Farooq

Research Paper

Pages: 242-252

Curricula Transformations and Alternative Pedagogical Approaches for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment

Abdul Rehman, Khawar Jabran and Muhammad Farooq

Research Paper

Pages: 253-257

Ability of Honey and Aqueous Plant Extracts on the Attraction of Bees during Flowering Period in Mango (Mangifera indica) var. Ataulfo Cultivation

Julieta Grajales-Conesa, Ángel Gallardo-Palomeque, Leopoldo Cruz López, José A. López-García, Jorge A. Mérida-Rivas, Rodolfo Torres de los Santos and Víctor J. Albores-Flores

Research Paper

Pages: 258-268

Diversity and Conservation of Kenari Nuts (Canarium spp.) in Makean Island, North Maluku Evidenced by Morphologies and rbcL Sequences

Sundari, Lia Hapsari and Abdu Mas’ud

Research Paper

Pages: 269-275

Revolutionary Breakthrough: Unveiling the first DNA Barcoding of the Endemic wild Betta burdigala (Kottelat and Ng 1994) (Anabantiformes: Osphronemidae): A Critically Endangered Wild Betta from Bangka Island, Indonesia

Fitri Sil Valen, Hartoyo Notonegoro, Aditya Pamungkas, Swarlanda and Veryl Hasan

Research Paper

Pages: 276-280

Artificial Insemination Success Rate on Limousine Crossbred Lactation Cows

Muchamad Luthfi, Dicky Pamungkas, Sri Wahyuningsih, Gatot Ciptadi and Trinil Susilawati

Research Paper

Pages: 281-290

Biochemical and Molecular Characterization of Bacterial and Fungal Isolates Associated with the Rhizosphere of Healthy and Diseased Solanum lycopersicum

Afeez Adesina Adedayo, Ayomide Emmanuel Fadiji and Olubukola Oluranti Babalola

Research Paper

Pages: 291-300

Relationship Between Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria and Nitrogen Element in Soil After Burning in Sugarcane Field of Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand

Nanthawan Hadthamard, Maliwan Nakkuntod, Sabaiprae Arksri and Sakorn Poodkuntod