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Journal of Agriculture and Food

International Journal of Agriculture and Biology
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Online : 1814-9596

Print :    1560-8530

Utilization of Fermentatively Produced Antimicrobial Peptide-silver Nanoconjugates against Selected Bacterial Pathogens

Muhammad Usman Ahmad, Kaynat William, Sikander Ali, Fareeha Akhtar, Saba Sana and Sundas Sharif


Keywords: Bacteriocins; Antimicrobial peptides; Bacteriocin-nanoconjugates AgNPs; Green synthesis; Lactic acid bacteria

Edition: Volume 31 Issue 02, 2024

Pages: 137-146

1  Dr. Ikram-ul-Haq Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Government College University, Lahore-54000, Pakistan
2  Department of Microbiology, Government College University, Lahore-54000, Pakistan
3  University Diagnostic Laboratory, Institute of Microbiology, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore-54000, Pakistan
 For correspondence:
 Received 27 November 2023; Accepted 30 December 2023; Published 24 January 2024
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